An online mat Pilates workout that gets the breath flowing and most joints, bones and muscles moving

Here’s a tasty, hour-long full-body mat Pilates workout, taking in exercises from the classical mat repertoire as well as a few from the reformer-on-the-mat sequence, and a couple from other movement systems.

It’s probably veering towards an intermediate level, but even if you’re a beginner, you should be able to get on with it as I do my best to offer simple adaptations as I go.

Please don’t for a minute think you’re supposed to be trying to make your body move like mine; in this video I’m very loose and freeform, and that was correct for me at the moment of filming. Each and every one of us moves differently – I give plenty of suggestions and ideas along the way, but think of this as me offering exercises for you to interpret in a way that best serves your body and mind today.

So keep your mind engaged and move in a way that feels most natural to you. It’s fine to find the work hard, but stop and rest or do fewer repetitions as necessary. And if anything hurts, the correct response is to stop doing it.

If you have any medical conditions that require you to get a doctor’s say-so before exercising – for example a heart condition or high blood pressure – please do that before attempting this workout.

About me
I’m a yoga and Pilates teacher working in London, though, like most teachers during the pandemic, I’m mainly operating online at the moment.

I have two Zoom classes a week, yoga on Thursday mornings and Pilates on Saturdays. These are offered free, but I’m grateful for tips if you are so inclined and can afford to drop a few digital coins in my hat. For full details about these sessions and to learn more about me, visit my website.