The Bricks’ Reverse Alchemy EP revels in their wild musical DNA

The Bricks rock band
The Bricks: Marc Walker, Gemma Hartshorn, Guy Crouch and Paul Steere
NEW MUSIC Reverse Alchemy EP by The Bricks

If you like a bit of hard-hitting post-punk rock ’n roll, check out this new EP by The Bricks from York in the UK.

They’re tight, they throw time around, they rock out totally, they even funk it up some. It’s a really interesting sound: in the DNA, I hear Fugazi, Gang of Four, Led Zeppelin (check the crazy riff in the title track), Big Black, Huggy Bear, Queen (?!!), MC5… I could keep going. So much there and nothing derivative; they’ve a sound of their own and it’s really cool.

Have a listen here and if you like it, consider popping a few quid via their Bandcamp page to support a new non-corporate DIY band.

The Bricks are drummer Marc Walker (whose mighty work I know well from his previous group Red Monkey), bassist Paul Steere, singer Gemma Hartshorn and guitarist Guy Crouch.

If you want to know more about them, you can search them out on social media (sorry, I don’t feed those particular algorithms with links, but they’re easy to find if that’s your cup of tea).

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